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Grain colour sorter


As part of our Grain Services here at Moorley's Farm, we run a Satake Optical Colour Sorter which can provide huge benefits to farmers and grain merchants.

The colour sorter has the ability to ensure accurate admixture removal, species separation, ergot removal and bushel weight and Hagberg improvement across the nine operating channels on the machine. It can also sort rogue varieties or contamination from other crops.

Admixture Removal

  • Removal of cleavers/redshank/admix in Oilseed Rape along with immature and discoloured seed
  • Removal of admixture and weed seeds from pulses and cereals.
  • Removal of stones from beans and peas
  • Improvement of bean sample by removing some bruchid beetle damaged beans.

Species Separation

  • Removal of rogue species from cereals and pulses, e.g. wheat from barley.

Bushel Weight Improvement

  • We can improve the overall bushel weight by removing contaminants such as small/split grains, straw/chaff/un thrashed heads

Ergot Removal

  • With the use of colour separation we can remove Ergot from cereal samples with minimal losses.

Hagberg Improvement

  • As with Bushel weight improvement, the Hagberg falling number can be improved by removing the small shrivelled/split and cracked grains ,and also the large but very low density grains if present ensuring you reach top milling premium from the mill.
  • The machine can run up to 30 tonnes per hour meaning contaminated/rejected loads can be treated and put back on wheels in a matter of a few hours on the road to its destination.

Why will the colour sorter work for you?

  • Reduces waste
  • Greater % of growers crops entering higher value food chains
  • Can increase premiums paid to growers.

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Leader Clay Vales

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