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Grain colour sorter


We are now running a Satake Optical Colour Sorter as part of our Grain Services here at Moorleys Farm.

If you are having problems with any of the following, then we can help:

Admixture Removal

  • Removal of cleavers/redshank/admix in Oilseed Rape along with immature and discoloured seed
  • Removal of admixture and weed seeds from pulses and cereals.
  • Removal of stones from beans and peas
  • Improvement of bean sample by removing some bruchid beetle damaged beans.

Species Separation

  • Removal of rogue species from cereals and pulses, e.g. wheat from barley.

Bushel Weight Improvement

  • We can improve the overall bushel weight by removing contaminants such as small/split grains, straw/chaff/un thrashed heads

Ergot Removal

  • With the use of colour separation we can remove Ergot from cereal samples with minimal losses.

Hagberg Improvement

  • As with Bushel weight improvement, the Hagberg falling number can be improved by removing the small shrivelled/split and cracked grains ,and also the large but very low density grains if present ensuring you reach top milling premium from the mill.
  • The machine can run up to 30 tonnes per hour meaning contaminated/rejected loads can be treated and put back on wheels in a matter of a few hours on the road to its destination.

Remove Ergot from Wheat or Barley - Ergot removal - Removal of stones from Peas or Beans - Species Separation - Remove Wheat from Barley - Remove Barley from Wheat - Removal of Cleavers admix in Oilseed Rape - Removal of immature seed from Oilseed Rape - Removal of bruchid beetle damaged beans - Removal of weed seeds - Improving Bushel weight - Improving the Hagberg falling number - Removal of shrivelled/split and cracked grains - Improve milling wheat - Removal of admixture from pulses and cereals - Removal of discoloured seed - Removal of bugs from pulses and cereals - Improving hagberg

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