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Grain services and storage


In 2007 we took the plunge and invested heavily in a state of the art grain processing and storage facility. Crops can be handled at up to 100 tonnes per hour and we have storage for over 10,000 tonnes of crops in a range of 300, 600, 900 and 1200 tonne bays.

Grain Services we can offer:

  • Cleaning of stressed or contaminated crops
  • Drying with Perry continuous flow drier at 5% moisture removal at 50 tonne per hour
  • Cleaning and dressing with Westrup fine cleaner
  • Remote sampling and in-house moisture testing
  • Fully trade approved weighbridge
  • Storage with under floor ventilation and conditioning
  • TASCC approved lab, providing oil, moisture, protein, nitrogen and bushel weight analysis
  • Treatment of bug infested grain & rejected loads.

Grain Storage:

  • We can offer short and long term storage contracts directly to farmers and grain merchants. Individual contracts can be tailormade to suit your needs as we understand not all client needs are the same.
  • All storage bays have underfloor ventilation and temperature probes in so the grain is monitored when in store and we can provide any drying, cleaning or colour sorting service on intake. Each load that comes in will be recorded on our computer system and once the store is full we can provide you with a spreadsheet with all the details on.
  • The grain remains in your control, giving you the flexibility to sell and move when you want. Once the grain is sold, if required we can help transport the grain to different locations using our bulk haulage lorries.

We are fully GENESIS and TASCC Assured, which means we provide:

  • A full HACCP Plan to ensure optimum food safety and full traceability
  • Computerised  records and analysis based on uniwin, which links the weighbridge, analysis testing  and storage records.
  • TASCC approved for bulk haulage, storage and contractual testing of crops
  • Storage within a secure yard equipped with CCTV and alarms
  • Storage in segregated bays
  • Full grain marketing on request
  • We are a member of the UK NIR grain network.


  • Capacity of 50,000kg
  • Full length - 18m long
  • Opening times
    Monday to Friday 0800 – 1700
    Saturday 0800 – 1300
    Sunday Closed

Click here to see our OPTICAL COLOUR SORTER grain services

Grain Services & Storage in Buckinghamshire

We regularly dry and clean crops on a turnaround basis for local farmers, estates and grain merchants, including rejected and contaminated loads. Storage is available on short and long term contracts for a range of clients including local farmers and grain merchants.

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