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Grain Store Storage and Services

grain store storage and treatments

Neil has been busy this month in the grainstore. The colour sorter has been quiet, but the drier and the Westrupp cleaner have been on most of the month. We have had some soya beans in for drying which we have dried from 19.1% and 17.9% and these are now in storage. We have had some barley, peas and wheat in which have been sprayed cleaned and sprayed with K-Obiol, a grain protectant which have all been collected. The good thing about K-Obiol is that there isn’t any waiting period after it has been applied, so off on the lorry it goes....!!

We have also been taking in some rapemeal into store, in total 200 Tonne. Neil has been pushing it up to make sure the rest can fit into the store as it is a messy crop and so we are having to tip straight into store.

We can treat crops for customers or grain merchants so please do get in touch if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help.

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