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Groundwork Contracting in Wiltshire This Month

For the last couple of weeks, the groundwork team have been busy down in Wiltshire. They have had a big job on which consists of dismantling an old aircraft hanger, the groundworks and then the erection of a new building.

dismantling aircraft hangar

The team got the old hanger down safely and started the groundwork and got the steel frame erected in no time! The roof sheets, gutters and side panels have been put on. They had some hardcore tipped and levelled it out, laid the matting and the mesh ready for the concrete. Once ready we used Wiltshire Concrete for the mix. As the weather was cold the concrete took a while to set, the concrete was powerfloated and has left a nice finish. We are now waiting for the doors to be made.

There has also been a track made leading from the existing drive to the new shed and a nice concrete bay has been laid in front of the shed.

erection new farm building

new power floated floor

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