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Groundwork Contracting Wiltshire

Concreteing barn base in oxfordshireConcreteing barn base in oxfordshireConcreteing barn base in oxfordshire

Since the middle of January the groundwork team have been busy down in Wiltshire dismantling and erecting a new aircraft hanger.

We started off by carefully dismantling the old building, which made space for a new building to go up. Once it was down we started preparing the ground and putting the in the steel frames and erecting the shed. The team worked hard and within a week the steel the frame was up and the roof sheets where ready to go on. Lee and Dave have recently been on a course for securing the safety nets and hand rails for roofing, so once these were stable and safe they were able to get on with sheeting the roof. With the roof on, the sides and gutters were next, along with getting the ground ready to concrete.

The team put in some really long days to get the concrete finished, as the weather and concrete didn’t play ball.. it was cold and the concrete wouldn’t set enough to start power floating. However, as all things it came right in the end and it looks good! We have pulled out of the job for the moment while the doors are being made and then we will be going back down when the days are longer and the doors have been fitted to finish off. We also installed a new track from the main track to the new building for the light aircraft to be able to get in and out.

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