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Some Recent Groundworks In Oxfordshire

groundwork contractor oxfordshire single storey extension

groundwork contractor oxfordshire farm buildings

Groundwork Contractors in Oxfordshire

We've been busy working on various groundwork projects in Oxfordshire. As an experienced and reliable contractor we pride ourselves on being one of the best groundwork companies in Oxfordshire !

Here are some details of a few of the groundwork contracts we've been working on:-

Oversite (above):

We were approached by a customer in Benson, Oxfordshire to carry out the groundwork required in order to have a single storey extension added to the property. Working alongside our trusted building firm, Point North Construction we were able to quote for the job from the ground up on our part and then provide relevant quotes for the building work. Here we were putting in the oversite ready for the new foundations to be laid.

Concrete Floor (above):

Here we were tasked with the responsibility of laying an entire new concrete floor for a farmer in Croughton, Oxfordshire. He had a large shed used for housing cattle and wanted to utilise that by having concrete poured. This makes the process a lot cleaner for the farmer and allows the shed to be utilised for other storage etc when it is empty. We laid mesh underneath and a layer of stone to prevent the concrete from cracking.

Concrete Floor (below):

Here we laid a new concrete floor for a farmer that had a new grainstore built. Using our own power floats we were able to polish the floor to create a smooth mirrored finish. We then created some hard standing to the front and side of the shed in order for heavy goods vehicles and tractors to be able to turn and tip in the shed. We also created a sprayer filling area using harvested water at the side of the shed which can be seen in this picture.

groundwork contractor oxfordshire concrete yard

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