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Groundwork Contracting Oxfordshire

The groundwork team are starting to erect a new steel frame cattle shed in Oxfordshire. To begin we have started to create a new track which leads to the new shed, which once finished will be concreted.

Groundwork Contracting Oxfordshire new track

Groundwork Contracting Buckinghamshire

We have been over near Steeple Claydon creating a new horse paddock. We were asked to post and stock fence around the paddock and hang the gates and then make the entrances to the field stable for movement in and out of the field. Along with the customer we were really happy with the outcome of this project.

Derek, Dave and Lee have been doing a concrete pour (Photos mid-way through pour). The concrete pad was finished by power floating it for a smooth finish.

Groundwork Contracting Buckinghamshire concrete pour

Grain Store Storage and Services

Neil in the grainstore has been busy in taking all the grain this month. It started with the OSR and has now moved onto wheat and barley. With around 250 intakes in total, and it has definitely kept him on his toes and making sure all the paperwork is correct.

Colour Sorter South East

We have put an editorial into the Farmers Guide magazine for September which is all about our colour sorter.  Read more about it here…

“In 2007 we took the plunge and invested heavily in a state of the art grain processing and storage facility. Crops can be handled at up to 100tph and we have storage for over 10,000 tonnes of crops, all bays have under floor ventilation and conditioning, we have a system where we can monitor the temperature of the grain 24/7. We are TSCC assured and can offer a range of services from cleaning of stressed or contaminated crops, drying with a continuous flow drier at 5% moisture removal at 50tph. Cleaning and dressing with the Westrupp find cleaner and treatment of bug infested grain.

Our latest investment has been the Satake colour Sorter. This has made it possible to remove vomitoxin, fusarium, ergot and discoloured or damaged grain. The sorter also has the ability to ensure accurate admixture removal, specie separation, plus bushel weight and Hagberg improvement. This can enhance the crop value as well as avoiding costly crop penalties and increases premiums paid to growers.”


Colour Sorter

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