About us

In 1937 Leslie Frank Pearce moved to Oakley on a horse and cart, he started his farming life with a small milking herd, beef herd and some land in crop production, and on reflection today things are very different and grown in size and resources, knowledge, expertise and a good reputation.

The Pearce family have always been involved in farming, but in 2006 we sold the livestock and put the grass fields back into arable rotation.

To ensure that we minimise downtime and increase the efficiency in the field we updated and continue to keep our machinery up to date. With our vast experience in arable cropping this means we can specialise in arable contracting for other local farmers, whether it be a complete stubble to stubble contract or an individual arable operation and provide a range of different services.

In 2007 we took the plunge and invested heavily into a state of the art grain processing and storage facility. There are many different grain services we can now offer as well as long term and short term storage solutions.

From having a big storage capacity and grain merchants and local farmers filling the stores, in 2014 there was a natural progression for us to go into bulk haulage as we were seeing first hand that crop in store needed moving to various destinations around the country. We have been working closely with another local company, Hopcroft Transport to run a smooth and efficient operation.

Away from the crop and arable side or the business, we set up a groundwork division in 2005, this has grown over the years and today we employ a large team of experienced groundworkers and highly trained and certificated operatives.

The groundwork side of the business is now the biggest part of our business, we are always keen to explore new areas of work with new and existing clients and especially those with whom we can potentially develop longer term working relationships with. 

About LF Pearce