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Need to clean your crops come harvest ?

Problems with a specific contamination of another crop or discolouring etc? Need to remove ergot from wheat? Bring your crop here to LF Pearce and we can put it through the cleaner and then the colour sorter which can separate the crop from the contamination.

Are you a  Grain Merchant with a problem batch you have purchased - let us help you!

Colour Sorter

Remove Ergot from Wheat or Barley - Ergot removal - Removal of stones from Peas or Beans - Species Separation - Remove Wheat from Barley - Remove Barley from Wheat - Removal of Cleavers admix in Oilseed Rape - Removal of immature seed from Oilseed Rape - Removal of bruchid beetle damaged beans - Removal of weed seeds - Improving Bushel weight - Improving the Hagberg falling number - Removal of shrivelled/split and cracked grains - Improve milling wheat - Removal of admixture from pulses and cereals - Removal of discoloured seed - Removal of bugs from pulses and cereals - Improving hagberg

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