Lechlade Timber framed barn

Erection of Timber Framed Barn

Location: Location: Lechlade, Faringdon Oxfordshire

This client got in touch in December with regards to erecting a barn for him. He had already got the groundworks for the building done but needed a contractor to erect the building. Due to certain circumstances, we were able to get some of the team onto it straight away come January.

Our foreman Lee, along with groundworkers Harry and Ben were at the site for the duration of the build. As this was a timber framed barn instead of the usual steel framed building, this erection took a lot more thinking and time than normal, as each individual footing had to be dug to the correct level and then the timber post had to be put in straight, checked and checked again before pouring the concrete around to hold the post in place… (not the usual holding down bolts the team were used to!) and there were 32 posts in total!

Next up was roof timber and the purlins and side cladding; if the timber posts hadn’t been put in correctly or were slightly out this would have meant the roof timber parts wouldn’t have fitted. The team managed to get the roof timber all on, and once it was all in place the roof sheets went on. Lee, Harry and Ben then cracked on with the rest of the side cladding and started prepping the floor for the concrete.

The team laid the shutters, terram and reinforced mesh which helps reinforce the concrete. As the client wanted the floor to have a power float finish, we hired a concrete pump and organised the concrete to come in and then worked closely with GLC Industrial Flooring to come in and lay the concrete and power float it to a nice smooth finish.

The customer is really pleased with the finished building, and although it was complicated and a little tricky at times, we think it looks great. Lee, Harry and Ben have done a wonderful job and worked really well together.

“Thank you for an excellent job in getting the building up, it looks great” – CH, customer

“Thank you for an excellent job in getting the building up, it looks great” – CH, customer

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