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Crop Storage Buckinghamshire

Due to the awful weather at the end of last year and beginning of this year a lot of customers nation wide have struggled to get crops in the ground. This then has an impact on the amount of storage needed our end. If you are looking for any kind of storage please do let us know, all bays are accessed via a roller shutter door and are 18metres x 18metres.

Soya Bean drilling in BuckinghamshireFarming

On the farming side we are now all up to date. Will has worked hard over the last month to keep everything together. The Soya beans were drilled at the end of April and so far they have established and they are growing well. Keep an eye on our social media for regular updates.

We also had CSC Ltd out doing our Fertiliser tray test. This is done annually so we know the fertiliser is going on accurately onto the crops and for our farm assurance.


We have been busy preparing for our TASCC Audit, due to the current situation the initial paperwork section has been done online. Then when they can come on farm the external auditor will come and check the stores and lorries to make sure everything is ok. It’s been good to refresh and review some documents and keep in line with the TASSC standards.

The cleaner has been busy this month as we have had 290T of wheat to treat with K-Obiol as it was infested with bugs. The wheat gets treated and then goes through the cleaner to get the dead bugs out. This is going for seed so its vital that it is cleaned properly.

Neil has started cleaning the grainstore bays out ready for this year’s harvest. This is also a big job and very time consuming however it is vital that it gets done. We are shutting the intake for a week in June to clean and service all the elevators, drier, cleaner, intake pits so we are ready come harvest.

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