Groundwork Contractors Buckinghamshire – fencing and more

Groundwork Contractors Buckinghamshire

Old fencing replacement in BuckinghamshireFence installation in BuckinghamshireNew fence installed in Buckinghamshire

Fence replacement

In March we finished off the concreting job we had started near Marlow in Buckinghamshire. This was to re-concrete the yard and existing shed. We had manager to break up the existing concrete and prepare the ground ready for the concrete to be laid. At the beginning of March the weather turned nicer and the concrete was able to be laid.

Dave and Derek had a day in the village replacing and repairing a fence which had blown over in all the storms. There was a couple of fence panels that they needed to replace and some of the main posts and then fix it to the existing fence which hadn’t been affected by the storm. They replaced with the same feather board fencing which was already there just new panels which won’t be moving any time soon!

Woodland management

At the beginning of April the team were based at the farm. They had some dead trees to fell and get rid of. They then installed a concrete bridge over the brook so Will could get into the fields safely with the bigger and heavier pieces of machinery.

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