News update for December

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Groundwork Contracting in Buckinghamshire

The groundworks team have been back over near Winslow, Bucks. They have been working hard to get a new cattle shed up.

With a lot of rain and wet ground it has been tricky, but we are getting there. Before Christmas we managed to have all the ground prepared and the footings in place. We got the steel frame up quickly as we had a couple of dry days before we finished for Christmas.

We are now back at the site, we have laid stone down in the base of the shed now so we are working on a clean areas and we are now getting the roof on. More updates to follow!

In December we were working at a property in Thame which needed some work done to the driveway. We sorted out the existing driveway by laying down some new gravel and laid 68 metres of granite kerbsets. We are due back to put in a new pumping station in for the client, so far he is happy with the work.



The farm work has been quiet; unfortunately with all the rain we are having, the ground is so wet and we are unable to travel on it.

A couple of mornings that we had a hard frost Will has managed to get out and do some hedge cutting on the headlands but as soon as it warmed up he had to stop as it makes such a mess. Will has been busy clearing the ditches out – having clean ditches is vital to getting the water of the land and into the land drains.



The grain store has been a busy with outtakes lately, one of the grain merchants that we store for has been selling some of its OSR and so we have been busy getting it out of the store.

So far we have emptied 2 bays and we are making an impact into the 900T bay that we have. We can then start cleaning down for the next Harvest intake.

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