Cattle shed refurbishment in Winslow

Cattle Shed Erection

Location: Winslow, Buckinghamshire

This client got in touch with us in the early part of 2020 with regards to erecting a new cattle shed and handling area. The view was to start this in September however as the plans and relevant permissions weren’t completed we unfortunately couldn’t start this job until December, when the ground was wet and it was a very muddy site.

When the weather was drier, we managed to get the footings in place and the main steel frame up; and we laid stone in the base of the build to give us a dry area to work on. After Christmas we went back to site to get the roof on while it was dry and safe to do so – this was held up by the wet weather but we got there after being patient and we got the concrete panels in the sides.

Once the rest of the roof was on, we started on the external and internal cladding, and started on the inside of the shed, putting the in the internal concrete walls and concreting the inside of the shed to leave a tampered finish. The customer then installed the rest of his cattle handling system in the shed.

The design of this shed was something we hadn’t come across before and the whole steel structure had to be designed around the client’s specifications. Each bay was 100mm lower than the last bay and so each footing was slightly different. A J Lowther’s who supplied and manufactured the shed did a great job on the design and plans and we it came to us installing it, it all came together perfectly. The client decided he wanted it built like this as it was on a slight slope and it helped with the water drainage in and around the shed.

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