News update for June

New car park in Stokenchurch

Groundwork Contracting in Buckinghamshire

The groundwork team have finally managed to start the creation of a new car park in Stokenchurch, Bucks. The weather has settled down and the land is now dry enough to get on and start the work, it has been a busy month for them. They started out by breaking out an area which has been laid with new concrete. We had the area broken out, the mesh and concrete forms where laid in a day and the following morning the new concrete was poured in.

Following this we started stripping back the ground which is going to become the new car park area. We took the excess soil away, once we got the right depth and the ground was level we were happy to carry on. Stone was delivered, spread, and levelled all over the area, and the first layer of rootzone was laid. We then got onto laying the propave crates and then the second layer of rootzone went on top. The propave crates act as a more stable layer. Once the grass seed is put down the roots form in the rootzone and the crates and becomes firm and ideal for a car park. We are continuing to update our social media channels as we go.  

We have also done an afternoon of fencing which is a brilliant transformation to the area, you can see in the two pictures below how different the area is.

Fence repair in BuckinghamshireFence repair in Buckinghamshire


Will has been busy the last couple of weeks. He has been keeping up with all the spraying that has needed to be done and has checked the crops a few times with the agronomist and we have taken his recommendations on board. The soya beans are going well along with the other crops, the rain which we have had has really helped them along.

Will has also been helping a local farmer on silage cart, he has taken the Fendt 828 and uses one of their trailers to take from the field to the silage clamp.

Fence repair in BuckinghamshireFence repair in BuckinghamshireFence repair in Buckinghamshire


Neil has been cleaning the grain store bays and the plant room. We always take a week in June to shut down for intakes so we can clean thoroughly and service all the harvest equipment.

We have also been using the colour sorted. We have had some contaminated wheat in which was rejected so we are putting it through the sorter to clean it up and send back to the farmer. Neil has also been busy out-loading grain onto to lorries to clear some bays, so they are ready for the upcoming harvest.

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