News update for July

New driveway in Stokenchurch Bucks

Groundwork Contracting in Buckinghamshire

The groundwork team have continued work at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue.

Once we had received the permit and confirmed the road booking space with highway’s we were able to start on the entrance to the site. We had to get a permit for the works as the entrance was joining onto the A40 and we were replacing the existing kerbs and drainage. The permit was issued for 10 days so as soon as it was granted, we started by scraping and breaking all the existing concrete and tarmac and took out the existing kerbs. Once we found the correct levels, we put all the kerb sets in, drain and channel kerbs. When then subcontracted the Tarmacking out to a firm called Edwards Surfacing, they have done a brilliant job and it all ran smoothly. Doing the work has completely refreshed the driveway for the rescue centre; we have put in a pedestrian pathway alongside the main entrance and we have changed the old wooden gates for new sturdy metal gates, and we have put a small pedestrian gate in too.

Driveway in BuckinghamshireDriveway construction in BuckinghamshireDriveway construction in Buckinghamshire


Fencing repairsThe team have been busy doing some fencing jobs in between getting the permit for the Stokenchurch. Lee went down to Marlborough airfield to finish off the post and rail fencing separating the grass and the car park area to the airfield cabin. While Dave was in the village erecting a new feather board fence, the previous fence had become old and parts of it had got damaged in the winter weather.

We have also been to install a new Bio-Pure 4 Sewage Treatment Tank. With a lot of people still working from home, and the tank needing to be sorted we changed plan and it went in next to the original treatment plant, we then removed the existing to make sure there was minimal disturbance to the houses.



The Soya beans are coming along nicely, they are looking very thick and will come into flower soon.

We don’t have anything else to do to them now other than harvest them in September, but we are happy with how they are looking at the moment… This is the first time we have grown soya before so we are watching and waiting to see how they perform.

Will has been busy servicing the combine and the machines ready for harvest, while helping a local farmer on silage cart. The machines are all ready to go when the weather and the crops are right!

Soya in June BuckinghamshireSoya in July Buckinghamshire



We have started intaking for this year’s harvest, the storage is completely full for this year and so it is set to be another busy one.

So far, we have had approx 300T of OSR in, which is slightly less than normal but it will soon start to pick up and there is less OSR in the ground this year due to the very wet winter.

Neil has also been busy intaking oats which came in at the beginning of July and then he was outloading them again by the end of July. This was a quick time in storage due to some contracts falling short and the need for the oats which where in out store. The customer is then planning to fill up the store again with the new crop from this year.

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