Groundwork Contracting Continues

Driveway completed in Stokenchurch Bucks

Groundwork Contracting in Buckinghamshire

Car park completed in BuckinghamshireWe have finished up at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue for the time being, until we head back there in Autumn to start some landscaping work.

Here are some finished pictures of what the site looks like now it is complete. You can see the grass is starting to grow through the propave crates at the rear end of the new car park. With the warm and wet weather we have had this should hopefully spur the growth of the grass on and with the grass roots and the propave crates this should create a really firm and sturdy base for cars to be parked on even if the ground is a little damp.

We have laid all the car park markers out to separate the car park bays. The entrance has been completed with the new tarmac from the road into the site and the additional pedestrian access has been added too. Stokenchurch Dog Rescue are happy with the work we have carried out and we are really pleased with it too. We are already looking forward to going back there in the Autumn to start on the landscaping.

We have also been over to Quainton near Aylesbury to lay a concrete floor in an existing Cattle Shed. The groundwork had already been done and so we went in to prepare the floor and lay the concrete. As usual we put all of the lining down, k-forms down and mesh for extra re-enforcement and the concrete then was laid on top, leaving a tampered finish.

Groundwork Contracting in Oxfordshire

The groundwork team have been working over on a boat yard near Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire. They have been doing some repairs to some existing buildings. We have put some new gutters and drainage up around the buildings so the water isn’t leaking into the buildings and new soakways are created. This has already stood up to the massive amounts of rain we have had recently, luckily it was finished just before the rain storms we had in August. Although the gutters where doing their job , the rain wasn’t ideal for the concreting we had to do. We created some new concrete ramps into the workshop and some other concrete pads outside the workshop. The customer was pleased with the jobs we had done and said for the first time in ages, she had not got water coming in the buildings!

Concreting cow shed floorTampered concrete flooring


Derek had his annual trip down to Hampshire with the Swather to swath some oat straw for Ergertec Targets.

Once the oats have been harvested using a special header on a combine to strip the oats off which leaves maximum amount of straw in longer lengths we come in and swath the straw cutting it leaving it in rows for the baler to come in behind and bale it. Ergertec Targets like the straw lengths to be longer so when they are made into archery targets and when the arrow hits into the target when its pulled out it doesn’t break the targets. Will has also started and nearly finished the combining for this season. We have finished our contract combining for a local farmer and have also swiped off our own Barley, Peas and Oats. We have just got the Soya Beans left to cut which won’t be done until the end of September. The soya beans will be ready to cut, three weeks after they start to die off, which they have started to do so the combine won’t be put away just yet!

Swather BuckinghamshireSwather BuckinghamshireCombining in Buckinghamshire



Harvest feels a little quieter this year to normal years this is mostly due to not as much OSR being in the ground and spring crops but being cut yet. We have however been intaking OSR, Peas and Oats for storage for different grain merchants.

Neil has had some stubble turnips in for cleaning and colour sorting which had brome grass seeds in. We started by grading through the westrupp cleaner sieves to remove the bulk of the brome seeds, we then put the ‘cleaned’ crop through the colour sorter where the remainder of the brome seeds were removed. This then left the farmer with a nice clean crop of stubble turnip seeds to plant.

We have also had some Rye in for cleaning too. This came in and out on the same day but it managed to get a nice clean crop of Rye for the customer.

Brome Seeds BuckinghamshireStubble Turnips sorting in BuckinghamshireStubble Turnips Buckinghamshire

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